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Keynote speeches

Kohei Cho,
Professor, Tokai University, Japan

Julie Dugdale,
Professor, University Grenoble Alps, France

Taichi Furuhashi,
Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Conference Information

Disaster risks are rising worldwide, with the intensification of disasters due to global warming and the worldwide pandemics of unknown viruses such as COVID-19. Scientists, decision-makers, practitioners, and communities realize that disasters are complex and unpredictable. Therefore, disaster risk reduction efforts are becoming increasingly critical.

The role of information technology (IT) in disaster situations is becoming more critical than ever in this recent years, especially in mitigating and reducing the risks associated with the disaster effects. During the pandemic, nations had to work rapidly to employ every means (technology and otherwise) possible to acquire critical information, achieve a common understanding and situational awareness among the various stakeholders involved in responding to the crisis, and save the life and properties. Modern information and communication technologies can significantly facilitate the decision-making processes from the point of view of disaster risk reduction.

Disaster risk reductions require multidisciplinary efforts. People from various backgrounds, such as industry, diverse geographical and global settings, non-profit organization backgrounds, agriculture, marine life, welfare, risk management, emergency management, safety engineering, and social networking services, are examples, to name a few. At present, at global and national levels, a wide range of scientific research activities, not only applied research but also theoretical and methodological development and scientific-applied research activity in the area of disaster risk reduction are vastly developed research areas.

Information Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction Conference (ITDRR 2023) provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present their latest R&D findings and innovations. The conference primarily focuses on IT aspects, emerging technologies, and coping with disaster risk reduction challenges.

ITDDR 2023 invites experts, researchers, academicians, and others interested in disseminating their work. The conference establishes an academic environment that fosters the dialogue and exchange of ideas between different levels of academic, research, business, and public communities.

All accepted papers will be published in the IFIP AICT series by Springer as post-conference proceedings, and they will be indexed by Scopus.

The conference is to be held in a hybrid mode.

The conference is sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), co-sponsored by Tokai University Research & Information Center (TRIC), and in cooperation with the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ).